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Lactose free chocolate milkshake

Lactose free milkshakes

Not only is this lactose free. This goes beyond simply realizing how delicious fresh dairy is. This is somewhat more. Everything you used to love is here, from smoothies to shortcakes, including all of your recent favorites. Lactose free milkshakes are this. Sans the ache, taste the potential.

For God Shakes has provided you with exquisite frozen treats devoid of dairy, smoothies, lactose free milkshakes and plant-based drinks. Our goal was to expand the availability of lactose free milkshakes, but as we’ve grown, we’ve become a company that aims to be kind to both people and the environment.

We take a compassionate approach to all we do and think that becoming dairy-free is more than just delicious food. It’s about intelligent cooking, soul food, and environmental and social responsibility. We utilize organic coconuts, and all of our products have been verified by the Non-GMO Project and are vegan.

Lactose free milkshake near me

The best milkshake & dessert bar in Greater Toronto is For God Shakes! Our shakes come in glass jars, and over 100 gourmet fusion milkshakes are being made! Satisfy your carve for lactose-free milkshakes by locating us on the net as a lactose free milkshake near me.

Reusing the bottle entitles you to be subsequently off for lactose-free milkshakes, and the bottles and jars from our outlet are recyclable. We are aware that it is cool and eco-friendly! We also offer cake pieces in cake jars!

For God Shakes has gained much popularity as the best place for milkshakes and smoothies in Toronto and the GTA. We are making adulthood feel like childhood is our mission.

A delight for the entire family, our milkshakes are just mesmerizing & attractive!

Lactose free milkshakes

Lactose free chocolate milkshake

We all like a good dish of ice cream and satisfying shakes, but occasionally, we want a delicious milkshake to quench our thirst. Unfortunately, lactose free chocolate milkshakes and ice cream aren’t widely accessible choices. But don’t worry; the most fantastic lactose free chocolate milkshakes are available at For God Shakes. What you need is the delicious flavor magic blended into our lactose free milkshakes.

We introduced our delightful, strawberry, chocolate-flavored, dairy-free, plant-based shake line to consumers nationwide. They are ideal for anyone who cannot or does not want to consume dairy products or wants a change. Additionally, we introduced our lactose free milkshakes in bigger 750ml share bottles in most of our locations as if that weren’t enough.

Lactose-free drinks

A long-standing custom involving lactose free drinks that combines fondness from the past with a desire for the future.

Find us online as the famous lactose free milkshake near me. Our fundamental brand values include upholding our tradition of creating tasty, lactose free drinks and smoothies, all while offering fresh tastes to the consumer market. We are the taste that altered history, according to most people on the planet.

After being inspired by various cuisines and delicacies worldwide, we combined the norms. You’ll be set free by our profound tastes. For God Shakes lactose free drinks, all you need is a taste.

Protein shakes without lactose

It might be challenging to decide which protein substitute to use if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant. Don’t worry, though; we can assist you there.

Having a few alternatives for recharging on the move is beneficial whether your days involve going to the gym, getting up early to commute, or taking care of young children. Try one of our top protein shakes without lactose and have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. They all contain at least 15 g of plant-based protein.

Of course, shakes have a terrible image for being as healthful as candy bars, high in sugar, and lacking in fiber and protein.

Hence we have a recent harvest of plant-based protein shakes without lactose that have a refreshing taste and boosts you up. We developed a more nutritious protein shake without lactose using almonds, oat, and coconut milk.

These transportable protein shakes without lactose come in resealable bottles, and many only require refrigeration once they’ve been opened, making them perfect for commuting.


It is made from fresh milk that is 100% Canadian! Natural milk is ultra-filtered to concentrate the naturally occurring protein; therefore, no protein powders are ever added because the protein is already present in the milk!

Yes! Most of the lactose included in milk is naturally eliminated during our filtration process. The residual lactose is converted by a lactase enzyme, ensuring that our goods are lactose-free. This mixture enables our milk to keep its beloved creamy and delectable flavor for everyone to enjoy.

Our For God Shakes ultra filtered milk products are made with truly 100% Canadian milk. Keep an eye out for our unique logo on the packaging.

All our milkshakes is prepared without adding sugar from our fresh dairy products. No artificial sugar or syrups are added. On top of that, everything is freshly made and served! For God Shakes, we do care about our people and their health.

For God Shakes is not just a name but a brand! I chose this unique name because it has a meaning. If someone orders a milkshake, they should feel diversified by the taste, and the first thing to come into their mind should be, ‘For God’s Sake, it is amazing.” So, to bring some twist to the name, I jumbled the last word to Shakes and named my store FOR GOD SHAKES!