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Gluten-Free Milkshakes

We all like a good bowl of ice cream and filling shakes, but once in a while, we need to quench our thirst with a sweet milkshake. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for gluten-free milkshakes. But don’t worry, For God Shakes offers the best milkshakes in Ottawa. What you require is the delightful taste magic infused into our gluten-free milkshakes.

We make a delicious range of plant-based shakes with strawberry and chocolate flavors that are gluten-free and available to consumers nationwide. They are perfect for anyone who needs a change, cannot, or does not want to consume anything containing gluten. Recently, we also started serving gluten-free milkshakes in larger 750 ml share bottles at most of our stores. 

Milkshake Shop Ottawa

“For God Shakes” was established to make a unique aromatic organic milkshake, freshly prepared, for all Canadians. We are committed to offering a whole glass of perfectly blended milkshakes. Our business is located in the city’s downtown to serve the entire Ottawa region. At our milkshake shop Gatineau, we provide a contemporary European ambiance in a cozy, unwinding environment rich in culture and endearing character.

As a milkshake shop in Gatineau, our first objective is to expand it to provide our clients with a wide range of great items. Our menu features wonderful products with the best organic and free-range ingredients. We have a great menu with a wide selection of milkshake blends, flavors, smoothies, and ice creams. 

Life does start after a soothing milkshake.

Best milkshake Shop in Ottawa

As the best milkshake shop, we proudly serve delicious shakes to the people of Gatineau.

“For God Shakes” is one of the well-known restaurants serving pancakes, smoothies, and milkshakes. The shop attracts frequent customers who enjoy a wide range of shakes and flavors. Our historic safe bank doors, visible from the main chamber, highlight the building’s rich past. While with us, early risers may enjoy their breakfast with us, and late-nighters can discover our local musicians at the open mic in the evening. 

Additionally, our shop offers a huge selection of the best milkshakes and frequently hosts game evenings for those with a competitive streak. We have several alternatives. Our cheese pancakes and smoothies are delectable. Our shop in Gatineau now offers takeaway and dine-in options.


If you’re purchasing a pre-made milkshake, be sure there are no gluten-containing components. Ensure you acquire gluten-free add-ins, such as oats, cookies, and sweets, if you’re preparing your milkshake from scratch.

Yes, we make milkshakes without gluten. Most milkshakes are created with naturally gluten-free basic components like milk and ice cream. However, some milkshakes may contain gluten-containing add-ins like sweets, oats, cereal, or cookie crumbs.

Mickey in the House, Lemon Lavender, First Ferraro, and Irish Cream are just a few beverages Canadians like most in milkshake shops in Ottawa.

There are several varieties of shakes, including the well-known Kit Cat, Oreo Blast, Love for Nutella, and Refreshing Mint. Try each one and choose which your favorite is.

Despite the recent increase in the popularity of specialty milkshakes, most places still provide plain, conventional shakes

Yes, we offer gluten-free smoothies and milkshake varieties at our shop in Ottawa.

Yes, we have options for dairy-free or sugar-free drinks at our Ottawa. Almond, pistachio, coconut, macadamia, soy, oat, and we’re exploring all the alternatives because dairy-free glasses of milk at our shops come in a wide variety.

Best vegan milkshake in Ottawa by For God Shakes, Serve Vegan cookies and cream milkshake with add-ons chocolate, Oreo, banana Get Your Order Call us on 613-518-7973.